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Origins of Ditchling Gin

Our story began in the small East Sussex village of Ditchling, nestled in the foothills of the beautiful South Downs.
Ditchling is no ordinary village; it is famous for the Arts and Crafts movement and is the creative home for many famous authors, artists, entertainers, silversmiths, weavers, dyers, printers and eccentrics. A small group of friends and family — with a love of gin — discussed their aspirations to create their own premium gin using the quality local ingredients from the stunning natural Sussex surroundings. When approached in the summer of 2019 to create and provide a batch of quality gin for the local village ball, we knew that this was the driver needed for our gin dream to become a reality. With over 240 new distilleries formed in the UK in 2018, the group was aware of just how busy the gin market already was. We knew that in order to find our place in the gin market, we would need to create something spectacular.

We started off experimenting with the local botanicals from the surrounding Sussex area and would drop our creations onto friends’ doorsteps on a Friday afternoon for them to try. It was a bit like carrying out a milk round. On finding our perfect combination of quality UK grain spirit and carefully sourced botanicals, we launched our new gin at the local village ball and Ditchling Gin was born. It was greeted with such positivity, that we realised that we had created something very special. In fact, the summer Ball of 2019 was the perfect launch party! Little did we know our gin would create such a stir in the market. 

Award-Winning Gin

Ditchling Gin is a premium London dry style gin uses quality UK-sourced grain together with a unique array of locally foraged botanicals and the pure spring water of Sussex. It is a fresh, well-balanced spirit as coriander, juniper, orange, lemon, bitter almond and cassia bark botanicals combine for a rich taste and a subtle sweet orange citrus finish. Awarded silver medals by the Drinks Business’ Global Premium Spirits Masters, the IWSC, the ISC and the London Spirits Challenge in its first year since launch, as well as a Harpers Design award for its innovative label, Ditchling Gin had burst onto the gin scene in style, and the Ditchling Spirits story had well and truly begun.

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